Identifying and Understanding Safety, Risk Management & Mitigation Techniques

The best approach to minimize incidents and accidents at work is prevention.  This is at the heart of our various training programs.  National Property Management Strategies Group, LLC is the ideal source for learning and implementing safety and risk management protocols. Some of the tasks we can perform for you are:

  • Reviewing Multi-Year Data to Determine Types of Claims and Trends
  • Reviewing Existing Safety Programs and Protocols for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Providing Industry Best Practices and Recommendations for Positive Change
  • Developing Customized Employee Behavioral Safety Training Program
  • Variety of Safety Courses That Produce Positive Results
  • Performing Site Risk Management Assessments and Safety Audits
  • Working with Risk Managers, Insurance Brokers, and Carriers on Continuous Improvement Programs

Your employees, residents, tenants and guests expect your property to be as safe as possible. Here is a sample list of our courses to support your leadership commitment:

  • Introduction to Safety in The Workplace
  • Risk Management Techniques:  What To Look For and Why?
  • Fire Prevention and What You Need To Know
  • Ergonomics:  Why Is This Important?
  • Slips, Trips and Falls and How to Prevent Them
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  Total Body Protection
  • Teaching Safety Courses That Produce Positive Results
  • Developing an Emergency Response and Business Resiliency Plan
  • Performing Safety Audits: Creating Your Customized Checklist
  • HazCom Training and Why It Is Important

Contact our trainers to tailor a program to help you achieve those results.

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