Professional Property and Asset Management Services

Ensure that you’re getting the maximum value out of your investment with our assistance. National Property Management Strategies Group, LLC is your go-to resource for comprehensive property and asset management, facilities planning and construction project management. Our specialized training programs deliver results. The foundation of any profitable investment begins with having the best team in place, but even the best teams have their limitations. With the myriad of never-ending and competing priorities, what gets the priority now and what gets put on the back burner? We all know that time is money and delaying projects have financial impact. We realize this and have a way to help.

We are here to provide external support to you and your team by taking-on some of these projects. This will alleviate some of the backlog and minimizes some of that stress you and your team experience. We will help you achieve all of your objectives in a timely fashion. We formulate strategies, discuss them with you and once approved, we will help you implement them. This process, will ensure that the right steps are taken to achieve the intended goal. We embark upon each engagement as if we were your partner. We treat your money as if it were ours and by following this principle, the path we propose and follow will yield the desired results that you need. Some of our management services include:

  • Management Company Operations Reviews
  • Portfolio and Site Financial & Operations Reviews
  • Development of or Updating of the Strategic Plan
  • Preparation of Asset-Specific Business and/or Operations Plans
  • Capital Planning & Asset Preservation Forecasting
  • Specialty Recapitalization/Preservation Project Management Oversight
  • Development of New and/or Updated Standard Operating Procedures
  • Analysis of Procurement, Purchasing and Contracting Protocols
  • Evaluation of Day-To-Day Management Protocols to Ensure Maximum Effectiveness
  • SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Customized Professional Development and Staff Trainings
  • Interim "C" Suite executive-level staffing (New England Area)

Having trouble staying on top of it all?  Just contact our team, and let us handle your projects for you.