Providing Energy & Sustainability Program Development and Green Training for Property Owners

Going "Green" is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.  It has many benefits including reducing energy consumption, saving on ever-rising utility costs, extended useful life of equipment, reduction of your carbon footprint and may assist with more controlled component replacement and labor costs.  So how do you make it happen?  Call National Property Management Strategies Group, LLC to learn more.  We can help with choosing energy providers, determining which projects have the best ROI and how you can be a true steward of the future.  We offer:

  • Utilities Analyses on Consumption Data and Trends
  • Development and Implementation of Energy Reduction Initiatives
  • Technical Help with Energy Loan Programs
  • Grant Writing for Low-Cost / No-Cost Energy Reduction Projects
  • Creation of Customized Green Resident’s Guidebook
  • Multiple Green Property Management Training Programs / Modules
  • Retrofit Programs Available in Your Area

We also offer a"Green" Training Program designed to educate your teams on the importance of being good stewards of the environment and Mother Earth.  These modules may qualify for initial or renewal designation continuing education credits/units.  You should check with your industry association on any specific requirements.

  • Introduction To Green Building Principles and Practices
  • Importance of Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency:  The Importance of Conserving This Precious Resource
  • Integrated Pest Management Protocols
  • Indoor Air Quality and Why Preventive Maintenance Matters
  • How to Develop a Green Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • Landscaping:  It's Green - But Is It Green?
  • Green Building Upgrades: How to Decide
  • Alternative Energy Sources (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Combined Heat & Power and Cogeneration
  • Energy Star and Water Savings Products and Programs
  •  Developing a Resident Green Education Program
  • Green Building Upgrades for Maximum Results
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction

Contact the NPMSG team to learn more. Going green is possible, profitable and the right thing to do.  We are happy to help simplify all of it for you.

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